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Hey folks,
Please enjoy following along with our European Getaway as we travel through Prague, Vienna and Budapest.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

We're here!

6/18 (i think) An uneventful flight was followed by a nonexistent layover and another easy flight. The Prague airport had less than satisfactory signage and our transfer to the hotel didn't show (or we were in the total wrong place) so we had to get a taxi.
6/19 Aaaaaahhhhhhh... internet..... *happy sigh* Last night was a welcome drink and dinner, met some nice people. Aside from young-adult children or grandkids, we're the youngest people by 15 years. Wandered around a bit yesterday fighting jetlag. Walking tour, lunch and boat cruise and more walking today. Dinner is on the horizon but I don't know if we'll be up to leaving the hotel. We saw a bunch of cute little places down alleyways and tucked into corners, so we'll go to some of those tonight and tomorrow. Free day in the city tomorrow, so we're looking forward to exploring. Going to try to post some photos, but I'm bot going to promise anything.

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  1. The building are gorgeous!
    Does your neck hurt form looking up all the time?
    Have you tried any new foods yet? I'm so jealous. Thank you for sharing. Enjoy and be happy. love you